Experience Australia on a Goldwing

Fully guided Honda Goldwing motorcycle tours around Australia

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We are an Australian motorcycle touring company, located in the beautiful Jervis Bay area (200 kilometres south of Sydney) with a passion for Honda Goldwing motorcycles. Chapel Australian Bike Tours currently offer three different styles of fully guided tours:

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours are long tours. We offer a choice of seven (7) fully guided tours, ranging from nine (9) days to thirty one (31) days. Two classes of accommodation (and therefore two price ranges) are provided: Camping, and Motel and Pubs. Adventure tours can be done at any time of the year - it is entirely up to you - but some tours are better done at certain times of the year.

Receive a 5% discount on our Adventure tours for bookings of 4 people or more.

Getaway Tours

Getaway Tours are shorter tours, from half a day to five days. All meals, accommodation, riding gear, comprehensive insurance and petrol is provided.

Getaway Tours - Chapel Australian Bike Tours

Tag-Along Tours

Tag-Along Tours allow you to accompany one of our personally guided motorcycle tours utilising your own bike. This is available with both the Camping and Pub Stay accommodation packages. Prices vary between the different tours for the Tag-Along Tours option, please contact Chapel Australian Bike Tours with your details and a cost will be provided to you.

Travel across Australia with motorcycle tour guide and owner Mike McHenry.

Your tour guide will be the owner of the company, Mick McHenry. His motorcycle touring history includes over 27 years of riding throughout Europe, America, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East and Australia. Since 1988, Mick has conducted private tours all around Australia. Mick loves showing this great, sunbaked, brown land to both locals and visitors alike. There are not many Aussie roads he has not been down... so let us find a few!